8 Great Products - 1 Affordable Price 

This kit includes: 
1.) Extra Small 1 Ounce Rosemary- Honey scrub for those stubborn blemishes and pimples arising from stress. Rosemary and honey work together to soothe and clear breakouts and dark spots. This is 100% natural (literally edible - but DO NOT EAT THIS) lol 

2.) Small 2 ounce- Mango Magic Mini Shea Butter for extra moisturizing and eczema healing if need be. 

3.) All Natural Black Soap - (Full Sized Bar 4 OUNCE) 

4.) ONE YOGI - Echinacea Immune Support Tea 

5.) ONE Traditional Medicinals - Dandelion Chai Tea (Probiotic) 

6.) Soothing Detox Bath Soak (made with the best in natural herbs, sea & Epsom salts (8 ounce package) 

7.) Black Love Fragrance Oil (hand- crafted natural fragrance oil blend) - half ounce 

8.) 1 Full Sized Package Of Elderbery tea (20 Tea Bags) - and yes you can certainly create your own syrup from this tea. 100% natural and biodegradable tea bags used to create these amazing tea bags. 

(S)he Is Risen Wellness Box