This Survival Kit is packed with the essentials you'll need to aid you in recovering from Covid-19 or boosting your immune system to avoid it. This package comes with the following:1. (5) 1000 MG Vitamin C packets from EmergenC -** Vitamin C has been vital in immune system boosting and in recovery of individuals who contracted the virus*2. One (4 Ounce) Organic Sea Moss Gel - **Comprised of 92 minerals of the 102 that makeup the human body** (the ultimate vitamin)3. One package of Elderberry Tea (anti-viral and packed with antioxidants) *20 bags included*4. Small (half ounce) Colloidal Silver & Oregano oil tonic - amazing for ridding your body of parasites and toxins, with immune boosting properties5. Bonus (1 ounce) CBD mini Whipped Black Soap. ** Stay Clean, calm, and collected** Relax your senses with this extra special freebie.